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Bible Resources
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Bible Breakdowns

To understand the Bible on a deeper level, we need to look at the verses, themes, subjects, chapters, and books surrounding the passage we are studying. These Bible Breakdowns provide information on each verse in each chapter of the bible in both the Old Testament and the New Testament.


Bible Blueprints

The Bible Blueprints provide an outline that gives a bird's-eye view of each book in the Bible.  Instead of reading a chapter or verse "blind", these Bible Blueprints give the reader a bite-sized overview that includes essential context, background & perspective. They are the ultimate companion to ANY Bible lesson.


Bible Study Sheets

The Bible is full of beautiful verses, life lessons, and amazing characters. But sadly, lost within the words is a a tremendous amount of information that is rarely uncovered. These Bible Study Sheets were designed to reveal what's hiding beneath the surface of the prose and poetry. These sheets contain indispensable lists, tables, and timelines from the Bible's text that will bring your study to the next level.

​Included inside the Bible Study Sheets:

  • Old Testament Historical Events Timeline

  • Miracles of the Old Testament

  • Books of the Old Testament, in Order of Appearance

  • Family Tree: Generations Between Adam, Noah, & Abraham

  • Family Tree: Matthew Genealogy [Abraham to Jesus]

  • Family Tree: Luke Genealogy [Adam to Jesus]

  • Judges of Israel (1350-1050 BC)

  • Kings of Israel & Juda after the Split (951-585 BC)

  • Minor Prophets: (700-450 BC)

  • Major Prophets: (700-550 BC)

  • Books of the New Testament, In Order of Bible Appearance

  • Books of the New Testament, In Order of Date Written

  • Miracles of Jesus in Order of Type

  • Miracles of Jesus In Chronological Order

  • All the Parables of Jesus, In Biblical Order

  • All the Parables of Jesus, By Best-Known Title

  • All the Parables of Jesus, In Order of Subject

  • The I Am Statements of Christ

  • The Ministry of Jesus, In Order of Events

  • Places Jesus Visited, In Chronological Order

  • The Times Jesus Got Angry (And at Whom)

  • Jesus’ 12 Disciples: Their Lives & Death

  • Bonus: Holy Week Events

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