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Church History

New Hope Baptist Church was organized in 1915 in the home of Mrs. Mary Ann Cobb. The first Minister was a circuit rider who preached here twice a month. Services were held in the home until 1919 when the Midlothian Oil and Gin Company donated a building to be used as a church and a black school. During this time, several preachers served twice a month.


In 1923, the church purchased this building but still allowed it to be used as the school. The present lot was purchased and the first edifice was built under the leadership of Rev. Jesse James Craft, who was both a preacher and a carpenter. He build most of the furniture for the church Rev. Craft served as Pastor until 1930. Rev. J.W. Williams and Rev. B.F. Johnson were some of the few Pastors that served from 1930 to 1960.


In 1960 the church called Rev. A.T. Ellison to the pastorate. Under his leadership he led the church and community into the integration of schools and business establishments in a peaceful manner. During his tenure the church transitioned from bi-weekly Sunday worship services to weekly services. In 1963 the church built edifice following the leadership of Rev. Ellison. Rev. Ellison was called to another church. He was succeeded as pastor by the Rev. W.T. Hall and Rev. C.R. McDuffy served as pastors.


New Hope Baptist Church is currently under the pastorate of Rev. Michael Johnson. Pastor Johnson began serving as Pastor of New Hope in May 2004. Under his pastorate the church has undergone remodeling and the purchase of additional land for future.

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